Build FFmpeg filters without the headache

A simple GUI tool to create complex FFmpeg filtergraphs quickly and correctly, without having to mess with the cumbersome filter syntax

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No more unintuitive filter syntax

FFmpeg's filter syntax is unintuitive, ugly, and can get extremely complicated quickly. Build filters using a GUI which automatically generates the FFmpeg filter command for you.

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Go faster

Immediately get autocomplete feedback on which filters, arguments, etc... No more having to flip to the FFmpeg documentation and back.

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Static Analysis


Spend less time debugging your filters checks your filters for errors, and any errors that do occur are presented in a readable way with instructions on how to fix them.

Inbox user interface

Simple no-tricks pricing

Basic usage of is and always will be free for solo developers


  • Visual Editor

  • Autocomplete

  • Filter Documentation

  • Automatic Filter Generation

  • Community Support

  • Limited to 5 nodes

Individual Pro

  • One-time payment

  • Static analysis and error checking

  • Filter expression autocomplete/checking

  • Import graphs from filter strings

  • Saving graphs

  • Priority support

  • Recipes/templates

    Coming Soon

7 day free trial